Here is a list of FAQ’S you might want to consider asking a Chocolate Fountain Hire company when you enquire about hiring a chocolate fountain:

Q; What is a chocolate fountain?

A chocolate fountain is a fountain specifically designed for ‘couverture’ chocolate to allow it to continuously flow in a liquid form. The fountain itself pulls the liquid up through the middle using an auger (corkscrew) or pump allowing the chocolate to flow over a series of plates that create a fountain effect. The fountain also contains a heater to maintain the chocolate in a liquid form at a pleasant temperature.

Q; Is an operator essential?

It is not always necessarily imperative that a trained operator is present. However, a trained operator should ensure that food hygiene is maintained and that your guests enjoy the chocolate fountain to its greatest potential. This would also allow you to enjoy your event without having any concerns about the chocolate fountain.

Q; Where can we have our chocolate fountain?

Chocolate fountains tend to work best indoors but they can be used quite easily in marquees as long as the flooring is stable and flat. Warm, delicious flowing chocolate is as tempting to insects as it is to us so we would not operate directly outdoors. Another consideration is that chocolate fountains do not work in windy conditions, they have to be protected from any form of wind.

Q; How and when should we book?

Chocolate fountains are becoming increasingly popular at many events and demand is always high so we would recommend that you book with your local chocolate fountain provider as soon as possible. You can sometimes book online or send a request via email but we would recommend that you contact your local chocolate fountain provider personally to confirm the details for your event.

Q; When would you hire a Chocolate Fountain?

Chocolate Fountains can be hired for Weddings, Parties, Corporate Events and just about any occasion where you are having an event and wish to have an impressive focal point.

Q; What can you dip in the Chocolate Fountain?

You can dip almost any fruits, biscuits and confectionary into the fountain.  The most popular dipping items are: strawberries, bananas, grapes, fudge, marshmallows, mini doughnuts, profiteroles and shortbread fingers.

Q; What type of Chocolate is used?

A good Chocolate Fountain company will use the finest couverture Belgian chocolate and you generally get the choice of Milk, Dark or White chocolate.  We would recommend you clarify with your chocolate fountain company that they never reuse chocolate.   At the end of your event most chocolate fountain companies are happy to let you keep any of the left over chocolate, make sure you take some containers with lids and you can then take the delicious chocolate home with you.

Q; How long can the Chocolate Fountain run for?

Theoretically a chocolate fountain will run forever.  Most Chocolate Fountains are hired on average for a period of 4 hours excluding setting up and cleaning down.  As the chocolate is constantly heated it will never harden and if the chocolate runs low it is easy to top up.

Q; How many people will a Chocolate Fountain serve?

Most Chocolate Fountain companies have medium and large Chocolate Fountains. Depending on what package you choose determines how many guests your fountain will serve.  The large chocolate fountain will comfortably serve up to 300 guests.  Chocolate Fountain companies can always add more chocolate and supply extra dips, therefore we would recommend you discuss this with your Chocolate Fountain Company.

Q; What do I need to provide?

Most Chocolate Fountain companies require a large table and an electricity supply, they should not require anything else.  Chocolate Fountains are extremely heavy, therefore it is important that the table required is sturdy and level.

Q; What other important questions should I ask?

Always check that the Chocolate Fountain Company has public liability insurance or a suitable equivalent.

We would recommend you have an operator that stays with the fountain, always confirm this with the Chocolate Fountain Company.

Not all Chocolate Fountain companies have an illuminated surround, they do look impressive and if this is the look you want remember to check.

Most people have a Chocolate Fountain in the evening, if you are not sure when it will fit into you special day, always discuss the options with your Chocolate Fountain company.

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