Chocolate Fountain Chocolate!

Do you have a mini or home chocolate fountain? The best Chocolate Fountain chocolate is a must to allow you the greatest pleasure from your home fountain . We have a list of fountain chocolate providers worldwide below. Please contact your local fountain chocolate retailer and please mention the chocolate fountain directory when purchasing your fountain chocolate.

Giles and Posner
Chocolate Fountains and Luxury Fondue Chocolate for Home and Caterers. The must-have accessory for chocoholics everywhere; our wide range of Home and Catering Chocolate Fountains and Luxury Fondue Chocolate, are at price points to fit all budgets. Our Luxury Chocolate is blended with cocoa butter, to bring you a deep and intense flavour and perfect cascading effects every time – without the need for added oil! Now sold in a range of sizes, flavours and available in an easy-to-use microwave bag! Giles & Posner are also constantly developing new food entertainment products and accessories, to find out more visit for constant updates.

01727 826262
01727 826262


Sephra Fountain Chocolate


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