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Chocolate Fountains are fantastic fun for weddings, parties and corporate events. Below is some information that you might like to read regarding chocolate fountains, click here if you would like some tips and help on operating your home or mini chocolate fountain.

Why have a chocolate fountain? Chocolate Fountains are a new and impressive form of entertainment, they create a fantastic focal point at any major event and provide your guest with a unique and interactive way of treating themselves to luxurious fondue chocolate. Chocolate fountains are a great solution for some weddings, they provide a wonderful desert or can be used for an evening buffet. Some people chose to have a chocolate fountain rather than a wedding cake, this is because chocolate fountains are interactive and people can help themselves as much as they like when the would like it

What is a Chocolate Fountain? A chocolate fountain is a device for serving chocolate fondue. It can come in many different sizes, mini, medium, large and extra large depending on the number of guests you wish to cater for. The fountain has multiple tiers over a heated basin at the bottom. The chocolate is melted in the basin and then pulled up through the augur and continuously flows over the tiers. When it flows over the tiers, guests are able to select a condiment they would like to dip into the fountain, using a skewer, they select a dip of their choice and coat their item in delicious, warm melted chocolate….heaven!

Why Use the Chocolate Fountain Directory? If you would like to book a chocolate fountain, use the ‘Chocolate Fountain Directory’ to easily locate a supplier in your area. Firstly select which country you are from, and then select a county, state or province..easy. You will then have all of the contact details of chocolate fountain companies in your area.

What should you consider when booking a chocolte fountain? We recommend you consider booking you chocolate fountain at least 12 months in advance, this is because they are extremely popular. To enable you to get a realistic quote you will need to provide the following details:
1. Number of guests the chocolate fountain is to cater for.
2. Location of event.
3. Date of event – (if it’s a midweek event you may get a good discount).
4. Duration of event.

Most people book their chocolate fountain for the evening and on average, chocolate fountain companies hire their fountain for a period of 3 hours. However, every wedding/event is different, if you require your fountain during the day or for a longer period of time etc, please discuss this with the chocolate fountain company you have chosen.

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