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Mini chocolate Fountains are fantastic fun at home, for small dinner parties or just to enjoy liquid, luxurious chocolate at your own leisure. We have a list of mini chocolate fountain providers worldwide below. Please contact your local mini chocolate fountain retailer and please mention the chocolate fountain directory when purchasing your chocolate fountain.

So you love chocolate? Well with the new home Chocolate Fountain you can take your passion to a whole new level! With the new home Chocolate fountain you’re in for a real treat. The home Chocolate Fountain is every chocaholics dream come true! Just like Willy Wonka you can now have your very own chocolate factory! Who could forget the episode of The Vicar Of Dibley where Dawn French Sticks her head in the giant Chocolate Fountain –
well now you can do the same in the comfort of your own home!

Stare in amazement and anticipation as thick curtains of rich premium Belgian chocolate cascade down the fountain and the aroma of the warm melted chocolate fills the room. Once you’ve steadied yourself and regained your composure select your dipping food – strawberries, marshmallows and fudge immediately spring to mind but you can dip anything you want into the fountain! – and prepare for the moment! Take your selected dipping food and
watch in awe as it is engulfed in layers of rich warm melted chocolate!

Place the chocolate drenched dip in your mouth and enjoy the sensory overload. Then repeat the process again and again and again.

Chocolate Drops
Chocolate Drop Fountains Ltd sell fantastic domestic and home chocolate fountains made by British manufacturers ‘Giles and Posner’ and American manufacturers ‘Sephra’. Our mini fountains can cater from 2 to 50 guests and our prices are very reasonable starting from around £30 with payment by VISA, cheque or BACS. Visit our website for a full range of products or call 0845 226 1477.

0845 226 1477
0845 226 1477


We at Chocolate Drop Fountains believe that every customer is unique and our presentation and catering reflect this. We will do our utmost to meet your specific requirements for your event.

Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate Events, Parties, any occasion where a special atmosphere of luxury and indulgence is required, our Chocolate Fountain Display will add to your celebration.
Our Fountains provide a truly delicious and visually stunning centrepiece of warm, flowing Chocolate for you and your guests.

Our Chocolate Fountains have a unique, low-voltage LED display surround, further enhancing their glamorous impact.


To strive for excellence in service with the highest quality of product providing our customers, and their guests, with a truly memorable experience.

Members of the Glasgow and Thames Valley Chambers of Commerce.

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