Organic Fountain Chocolate

Organic Chocolate for Fountains!

Organic Chocolate for Chocolate fountains are available for you to purchase from a number of retailers. We have a list of Organic Fountain Chocolate providers worldwide below. Please contact your local Organic Fountain Chocolate retailer and please mention the chocolate fountain directory when purchasing your Organic Fountain Chocolate.

Cocoa Delight
Cocoa delight believes in quality, we never cut corners and only offer the best available. We only use the best, hand picked Belgian chocolate. We believe that quality is of the upmost importance and have searched for the very best in milk, dark, white and flavoured chocolates. Organic is another option which we feel is important to offer. We have found an organic chocolate which is superb in texture and absolutely delicious to tase.
Our machines are carefully cleaned and sterlised after each use and the workings are checked regularly to ensure quality of product and reliability of use. We are committed in providing the best in service. Our staff are all professionally trained and hand picked for their ability to be discreet and polite at all times

020 8880 2147
020 8880 2147

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